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New paper published in PNAS! 

The paper by Hong-Viet uses closed-loop targeted memory reactivation to target slow-waves and influence memory performance. Click here for the article.


Scientific American article on our Current Biology paper


Excellent essay on our finding that spindles track learning networks. Click here for the article.

Congratulations to Marit! 

Congratulations to Marit for winning the Brain Products Young Scientist award for her recent Current Biology paper


New paper out in Current Biology​

New work by Marit, showing that sleep spindles track cortical learning patterns for memory consolidation. Click here for article.


New paper out in Current Biology​

Exciting work by Oli, showing that front-medial theta coordinates posterior maintenance of working memory content. Click here for article. 

New paper out in PNAS​

We show how the hippocampus triggers the switch from perception to memory and how the ensuing recall signal propagates across the brain. Click here for the article and here for data and code on OSF!

We are hiring! PhD and RA/Lab Manager position at Oxford University's Department of Experimental Psychology 

Click here for more details on the PhD position and here for details on the RA position.

New paper out in Nature Communications​

Great work by Thomas, showing how endogenous memory reactivation during sleep is linked to SO-spindle complexes. Data and code available on OSF!

Bernhard receives an ERC Consolidator grant to study "Sculpting memories during sleep"!!!

PhD Position!

4-year PhD opportunity to work with Bernhard Staresina and Kim Shapiro, funded by the Midlands Integrative Biosciences Training Partnership (MIBTP). See here for details and apply until January 10, 2021

New paper out in eLife​

Great work by Hongi, showing how sleep spindles mediate interactions between hippocampus and cortex, particularly around long-duration hippocampal ripples. Data and code available on OSF!

New paper out in Journal of Neuroscience​

Great work by MC, showing how MEG alpha power tracks item and associative memory in time and space.

SUsHi 2020 announced

Excited to announce the first Single Units and Human iEEG (SUsHi) Meeting and associated Spike Sorting Workshop, taking place in Birmingham from 1-3 April 2020. 

Registration and submission to open up later this year!

New paper out in Nature Communications​

Bernhard teams up with Florian Mormann and Thomas Reber in Bonn to reveal how single neurons in the human hippocampus coordinate pattern completion in entorhinal cortex during memory recall.

Congrats MC!

Maria del Carmen successfully defended her PhD in Madrid cum laude!

New dispatch published in Current Biology​

Thomas and Bernhard cover two recent studies, investigating the effects of rocking on sleep in mice and
humans. Click here for the paper.

Open PhD Position

Come do your PhD with Bernhard and Simon Hanslmayr on memory, sleep and oscillations.

Click here for further details. 

Meet us at SfN!

Hongi, Heidrun, Marit and Bernhard are going to present their current work in San Diego. 

New opinion piece in TINS

Bernhard publishes a forum article on the role of sleep spindles in memory processing with James Antony,

Monika Schoenauer and Scott Cairney.​ Click here for the paper.

Website goes live

Hello World!

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